Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cloud Computing and Google Docs

Take some time to think back on what you have learned about cloud computing and the impact that services such as Google Docs can have in the typical classroom. Reflect on the following points:
  • Knowing what you know now about cloud computing, what will change about the way you work with documents, pictures, and other types of files?
  • Will you be more likely to use Google Docs?
  • Pretend like you are having a conversation about Google Docs with a teacher. What do you tell them to convince them that Google Docs will help improve communication and collaboration with the students in the school?
  • How do you see a tool like GoogleDocs allowing the classroom to extend beyond the physical walls of a classroom? How can it allow students and teachers to communicate beyond the classroom?
  • Please share any other thoughts you have regarding GoogleDocs on this blog post. I'm looking for your reflection over what you have learned about GoogleDocs over the last few weeks. I'm most interested in hearing about how you would apply this knowledge to your current and future classes.


  1. Yes, I think I will use Google Docs more than anything else because it is an easy for everyone to see what you are working on.
    I would tell them that is an easy way of communicating with other simple tasks. It is a faster way of showing people what you are working on instead of having to put in a flash drive and having to open so many files because you have it in a Google Doc all you have to do is go to that document and everything is just a click away.
    I see it extending by making everything much easier to work with and making a lot faster than anything else.
    My thoughts on Google Docs is that it will help in further life because it will come in handy when making lesson plans for school and what needs to be turned on what days. I also believe that it will help me a lot in College and for the rest of my life. I really am learning a lot already I am really looking forward to using it in my future life as a teacher.

  2. Taylor---Please rewrite this now that you have completed the unit. The blog is always the last thing you complete for each unit. Expand on thoughts like "I see it extending by making everything much easier to work with and making a lot faster than anything else" and "it will come in handy when making lesson plans for school and what needs to be turned on what days." How????

  3. 1. Yes, I will use Google Docs now that I know what they are. I can do so many different assignments using Google Docs, I can use presentation mode for my reports when asked to, I can use a form when I am needed peoples point of view on certain questions. There are just so many things to do with Google Docs now that I know what they are.
    2. Most of the teachers here use microsoft power point to do all of there power points when needed, so when I am telling them about Google Docs, I would tell them it is an easier way of creating certain types of documents, presentations, or even forms/spreadsheets because, instead of having to buy a flash drive all they would have to do is get into there document sight and click on the presentation or document they want to open without having to wait on the flash drive to be read. You will have much more time in class for students to work instead of taking five minutes out of class to wait on a flash drive to load.
    3. I see it extending beyond on the walls like to far out places because, it is a much quicker way of creating different documents instead of having to create it using a flash drive, now if the teacher wants to look at what the student has worked on the student will have to change the privacy setting so that the teacher can get into it and read that assignment and then grade it from there.
    4. I believe after going through and reading what Google Docs really are, I know I can use them any where I go because they are good for certain assignments if I needed it looked at I can just change the privacy setting and the teacher could go through and see what could be changed and made into a better agreement process. I am already using Google Docs and Presentations in my classes already and what I have learned about them I have started showing my teachers that it easier then having to save everything on a flash drive.

  4. 1.) i guess it depends on what I'm using it on.... if I was doing a short assignment for a class and just needed something quick I would probably use word. But if I was doing something that I know would be useful in the future then I would use Google docs so that I didn't ever have a chance of loosing it.

    2.) Google Docs could be very useful in any classroom. For example: Lets pretend That you are a teacher and all of your life's work is saved on this flash drive. Then one day You are out in the middle of the ocean and you drop your flash drive. It floats down to the bottom and then a shark swims by and eats it. Then the shark swims into the Bermuda Triangle and gets lost forever. Then eventually when reality hits and your realize that its not a dream and a shark really did just eat your life's work; You go home and come up with a severe case of depression, you buy 27 cats, and spend the rest of your life eating out of a 5 gallon bucket of ice cream. DON'T LET THIS HAPPEN TO YOU!!!!.... to keep these things from happening you could go on to Google docs and make your lesson plans on there. This is called cloud computing and you will never lose your information this way. you could drop your computer in the middle of the street on accident and then watch some crazy person take a sledgehammer to it... But guess what you wouldn't go into a depression because you could just use a different computer to look up all your lesson plans.

    TO BE CONTINUED.........

  5. 3.) I think it would be an easy way for students to get their assignments done outside of the classroom. it would also be an easy way to take notes. This is really reasuring because it assures you that your things that you save to google docs will never be lost

    4.) I am not sure that I really have anything else to say about google docs besides that I think that this will be very useful for me throughout my future.