Monday, September 2, 2013

Feared or Loved?

In The Prince, Niccolò Machiavelli says,  “it is much safer to be feared than loved because is preserved by the link of obligation which, owing to the baseness (lack of character) of men, is broken at every opportunity for their advantage; but fear preserves you by a dread of punishment which never fails.” 

This advice was intended for political leaders, but it can be applied to a number of situations. In your response, you must make an argument for both sides then explain which approach you believe is most effective. 

You will have at least three paragraphs that are 4-5 sentences in length. One paragraph will be about why being feared is better than being loved. Another paragraph about why it is better to be loved than feared and then a final paragraph where you explain which one you believe is more effective AND why you believe this to be true. 


  1. Its better to be feared than loved for many reasons. One would be because when people are afraid of you, they’ll try not to upset you, or anger you. Another reason would be when you are going to threaten someone, and they fear you, they’ll back down, not that I fight or recommend that people should fight. Thats why being feared is better than being loved.
    Its better to be loved than feared for many reasons as well. If you are loved by many people, you’ll have a better chance at getting along with people, people caring about you, and people protecting you. When people love you, they don’t say anything bad about you, I mean they might, but there is less of a chance that people would do anything or say anything to hurt you, because you’re loved. When you’re loved, you’re more likely to be protected. Thats why being loved is way more important that being feared.
    I would much rather be loved than feared, the reason for that is because you have more control over people that love you. When people love you, they will usually do anything for you. They will protect you, honor you, and take care of you. They won’t hurt you, or get you twisted in lies and fables. Any day I would much rather be loved than feared, end of story.

  2. if you are loved then you would not have any problems with other people. if you are loved you would never have to worry about people ignoring you or fighting. if you are loved in a employed manner you would keep you longer for the job. being loved means that some people won't fight you. people that like to be loved aren't very much of a mean person.
    Those who are feared are more angry with people that other people who are loved. people who are feared don't have to worry about people bugging you. being feared could be a good thing like for instance if you are feared and you don't like people then nobody would come up to you. nobody would ever talk crap to you either so you wouldn't have to put up with any drama. being feared isn't all that bad.
    i would rather be feared because when i was growing up i used to be bullied a lot and i couldn't stand up for my self. i used to be unheard by everybody it made me feel like nobody wanted to be my friend. i had a pretty bad childhood as a kid. my family loved me but everybody else just seemed to hate me for no reason.

  3. Theres a saying that you its better to be feared than love, and some people believe that is Kinda true. Thats true because when in the time of kings they were feared not because they just wanted to cause terror but to show their power and that they were in charge. Switch into the modern day the cartel or mob bosses use fear to show they are not to be messed with. Now a days they fear is turned into terror for protection, to stop someone from telling authorities, to prove a point, and set some rules. All an all fear leads to violence, violence leads to something worst.

    The same saying also can be flipped around in way better way. Its better to be loved than feared because when you are loved People will protect you with no charge. Your friends don’t make moves behind your back. Some isn't always trying to harm you or what's yours, the people will be happy enough to follow you then forced. Someone who is loved will be cherished someone who is hated will be a target. Other countries don't chase the loved guy but they do chase the feared one.

    I think its way better to be loved than feared because I will be trusted a lot then if i'm feared. Plus i dont got that prison mentality, being feared means you would have to hurt, kill, steal, and do whatever else it takes to show people you are who you are. When you loved you just have to be yourself and your not always looking over your shoulder and worry about someone busting for you. So that concludes what i think about this so me some love and fear no man.

  4. its better to be feared than loved because you have intimidation no one wants to try to stand up to you
    people will surrender there services like guards you gain power by taking over other groups and other tribes. its better to be loved than feared because than your friends and family can help have you back when u need them to and a happy leader that is noble has a longer running for example if a president is liked he would be elected for a second term. i believe u should be loved rather then feared if you lived in a great community why would you want to leave if your happy so its definitely better.

  5. There’s two ways to have your peers look at you, in fear or in love. Is it better to have a person love you or fear you? With love comes commitment and the possibility of them always standing by your side and doing whatever it is that is needed of them by you. If a person loves you they are going to help you and confess to others their passion towards you. They will help persuade others to stand by your side and have fondness towards you like they do. Which in the end will help you have more of a positive reputation.

    Then there’s causing people to fear your presence, is that a more beneficial way to have people look at you? In some cases it is better to be feared, when you’re feared then people won’t question your authority or bring other situations to you because they know that you have the power to make what they say not matter. When people fear you, you will have more power over them and you can get them to whatever it is you need them to do because they will be afraid of what you could possibly do to them.

    I’d rather be loved than feared, with love you can manipulate people into practically doing anything you want of them. You can make thousands of people fight for you if they love you whereas if they fear you they’re only fighting out of fear of what you could do to them. People who love you would have your back when others try to test you, and people who fear you may keep their mouths shut or they may all gang up against you and try to bring you down

  6. Is it better to be feared or loved?
    To be feared is an advantage and a disadvantage in many ways such as that if your feared by any one you automatically know that they will probably do anything they ask them to do. A place you would work at would be a perfect example of that in many ways if you were feared like if your the big boss and there was a problem because if something would go wrong then maybe people would be afraid to tell you because when your a person who is feared they suspect your angry. Anger scares a lot of people especially when you have a lot of people that you can rule over.When you get older fear becomes something you don't want to be labeled as someone who was mean to others.
    To be loved over being feared has good and bad things when you have love you have people you know you can always call when you need them. Family and Friendship have a lot to do with love those are the few that you can count on when you need them a lot. When your feared by family you normally don't have any friends because they don't actually like you. People need people that's just life in simple form. That's the good and the bad about love.
    I feel it is better to be loved then feared because people need people. You learn from people you teach people new things as well like all the famous quotes that have been out there for ages. Life is just a learning experience. You get through it you make mistakes over and over again sometimes the same ones. Love is way better then fear.

  7. As a leader of a country it can be better to be loved by the people because if the people love you they will most likely listen to you. One downside is they might not be afraid that you will punish them because they love you and aren't afraid of you. Being loved can have many more benefits you won’t have death threats if everyone loves you, and the people won’t live in fear. If you are loved as a leader you will most likely be leader again in the future, or be leader for a lot longer. But if the people find someone they like better they can turn their love to someone else.

    Being feared as a leader can be a big advantage. If the people you lead are afraid of your punishment they are more likely to follow your rules. The downside is that the people probably will not like you, granted they will listen to you. Being feared can also help you make decisions on your own behalf as a leader because the people will listen to your decision whether they like it or not, they might not know what’s best for the country when you do, and if they didn't fear you and you made a decision they didn't like they might rebel against you.

    I believe its better to be feared than loved because being feared can make people listen better. If people love you and you make a choice they don’t like they can turn to love someone who appeals to them more. On the other hand if you are a feared leader they will listen to your choice because of fear of punishment if they didn't. If the people love you and you punish them they might not take it too well, but if they fear you they will take the punishment and learn from it. That's why I believe its better to be feared rather than loved as a leader.

  8. If you are loved then people are more willing to do things for you and with you. When you are loved people are more supportive and caring. You get people to want you in charge more and if you are president you are more likely to get elected more than once. People are just all around inspired by you.
    If you are feared people will do what you want without second guess(even if morally wrong). People get out of your way in a heartbeat. you always have to worry about being assassinated. people tend to look at you with disgust. no one ever wants to be around you, not even family sometime. You are never disrespected(to your face).
    I rather be loved than feared, when your fears people will try and over through you a loving leader makes a good community. loving leaders always have the way of the people. you don't have to worry about people trying to kill you over your hasty/angry decisions. when your loved people tend to want you to stay the leader.

  9. I would much rather be loved than feared for several reasons. One of the main reasons is I’m not a threatening person at all. Another reason if you just stomp around yelling at everyone then people will not respect you at all they will just get pissed and end up hating you. So fear has proven to be successful in some cases but I believe with love you get more respect.
    Here’s an example say you're a famous singer and you have to most incredible voice but instead of being nice to your fans you threaten them and say “If you don’t come to my show then I’m gonna beat you up!” or something like that. If you show your fans that you really care about them and appreciate them, then naturally they will respond in the same manner.
    Let’s take a look back to the pirate days. The captain would always yell at the crew members and throw them off the plank. If you scare them with that kind of tactic then an uprising would be bound to happen. Fear is never the answer. A mother never belives that fear is the way to raise a child. So why should we?

  10. It is better to be loved because, it creates bonds with people. You would live longer knowing you are loved. We as humans just like animals need love. A loner has nobody no outlook upon anything, no views.
    Being feared on the other hand leads to power and brutality. If you are feared by everybody, you basically become immortal. You can do what you want. Being loved, there is just so much happiness, and thats not right to have. There needs to be some kind of fear and sadness.
    I would rather be loved and feared. You can’t have the perfect world. There will be somebody that doesn’t love you. There will be some people who do not fear you. A person needs love but also needs fear. Being loved corresponds with being feared because you never have the best of one world.

  11. Feared or Loved
    Having to be ruled by someone who feared us would not be a good way to rule a country, or rule anything. It would be bad to run everything by fearing people because you would not have good communication with the people. A lot of people would want to move instead of stay being ruled by someone they are scared of. If you ruled people by scaring them one day they will just get tired of it and over show the government, and try to kill the one that is ruling their country. Once people turn on you it will start a war and mess up the country and then it could just not be a country anymore, and will be abandoned with no one ruling or anyone living there. That country would just become a piece of history until someone wants to do something with it.

    If a country was ruled by someone who loved his people in his country. That would make a big difference to live in a country where your ruler let you vote on dissections. If you can vote on what your ruler wants to change that would make the country a safer place to live. The ruler would also have good relationships with his people in his country. The good thing on having good communication with his people he would not have too many people wanting to kill him, or leave the country because they don't like him.

    I think being loved would be better than being feared. Being loved is better because they show love and appreciation and will never have problems of someone trying to fight or kill someone. If you are scared of someone one day you will just get tired of it and want to fight back. Being loved and having good communication you will not have as much problems. Being loved keeps a lot of the problems away and you won’t want to fight or kill anyone.

  12. Is it better to be feared or loved? Being loved feels as if the sky has no limit. Love is not a word, it's a deep feeling. People say its better to be loved than feared because love is compassionate and it makes a person happy. Happiness is what drives us all to be successful. If we’re happy its a lot easier to be a successful person is society and in your heart.
    If i drove myself only on being feared by others i could make people do anything i want. Some people think that by putting fear into a persons heart is what they describe as “uplifting” to themselves. It makes them feel better by making someone look so small and defenseless. As this may sound absurd to some people, to others, its everyday life. If you're feared, you're in control.
    I personally think that it would be better to be loved than feared. If my own family was afraid of me i would be ashamed of myself. Family is all you have in your life. Friends come and go, but who always stays is your family. Love has no boundaries, but fear only can take you so far. Fear only hurts the people around you. You make yourself into a monster. Power changes people. Love changes people’s hearts.

  13. Some people believe it is better to be feared than loved, why do people think this? In a way it is effective because making a person fear you, belittles them, it makes them cower down to you thus getting your way. When you’re feared it is easier to play a cold front because you don’t have to worry about all the hassle of emotional ties. You don’t have to worry about getting attached to someone or something and then have it be taken away in an instant. Fear is a way to dominate over competition, but it also has major setbacks. Some of these setbacks are, since you don’t get attached to people you probably won’t be very popular by ways of being nice.
    Others will argue that it is better to be loved than feared. Being loved is a way to build communications and bonds stronger without force. A person in a high power position who is loved will be more likely to get a reaction from those who are following that persons lead. Being loved means you do not have to force getting things you want, it mean that there will be people there willing to help you achieve them. When you are loved rather than feared, you tend to have a soft spot in people’s hearts.
    I personally believe that it is better to be loved than feared because when you’re nice to people, your odds are that they’re going to be nice back. True there are times where force is needed, such as when you’re a parent. In those instances however, the objective is to apply discipline rather than to make your child fear you. In my opinion, when you’re loved it is much easier to be close to people and get to know them rather than making them fear you. I believe that true being feared might work for a while, but eventually people begin to see through it. All it pretty much is, is a false front. People don’t like when you’re not honest to them.

  14. It is better to be loved because it carries compassion. It also brings out the better in people rather than the worst. If someone loves you, they will try to help you and the whole relationship will be a lot smoother. With fear, you don’t have that sense of comradery, that you can only acquire with trust and dedication. Also, if people love you, you don’t have that paranoid feeling of always watching your back. Infamy can feel good, but in the end, when you have no friends or people to turn to, you’ll regret making them hate you.
    It is better to be feared because fear holds infinitely more power than being loved. Fear is power, and power is controlling. If the people fear you, they will also be loyal in fear of what may happen if they aren’t. Through fear, people lose their own sense of power and will look to you to lead their lives. You also don’t have to worry about people’s opinions if they’re scared of you, where if your loved, you want them to continue loving you.
    In the end, it is far better to be loved than feared. When you’re loved by everyone, you don’t have to worry about people hating you, or even trying to harm you in extreme situations. Fear is a temporary power trip, that’s bound to end badly. You will end up alone and revered by the ones you called friends because one day they’ll get sick of you and your reign of power. This is why tyrants will never control the world. When you’re loved, not all people would want to see you taken out of power. When you’re feared and hated, most people will want to get rid of you.

  15. It is better to be feared than loved because if your only loved then people may see you as a weak person. People may take advantage of you because they aren't afraid of you. It’s good to give of a little fear so you can intimidate some people; either in a positive or negative way. People will take you more seriously.
    It is better to be loved than feared because no one will never hate you. Or no one will ever want to hurt you, unless its like a killer or something. But other than that being loved than feared is better for your overall well-being. You will have more friends and therefore have a great social live. If you were feared, no one would want to be your friend so its better to be loved.
    I believe that being loved is better than being feared because I wouldn’t want to be the ’bad’ person everyone gossips about. It’s better to be loved because it makes it easier to get comfortable with a new set of people. People will also say good things about you which gives you a good reputation I guess. All in all being loved is better than being feared because you will be a happy person always with a smile on your face. :)

  16. People think it is better to be feared than loved because if your have control then you want people to be scared of you because you are supposed to be mean. You want to be loved in a way when you are a leader but you want to be feared because you don’t want to be walked all over you want to be the one in control not the people you are supposed to be controlling. I would be scared of someone who was leading me. We need to be feared sometimes its a good thing.

    People think it is better to be loved than feared because people don’t know how to be scary towards someone. You want people to love you because you are afraid you will be alone in the world for the rest of your life and you don’t want that. You don’t want people to be scared of you, you want them to love you with everything they have and you want to love them back with everything you have. It works both ways in this situation.

    I think I would rather be loved than feared because it’s more effective because some people don’t like people who are mean and nasty and controlling to people. People want someone who is kind and nice and who will do anything for you if you do the same in return. I would do anything for my family and friends. You need to look at it as someone elses perspective too. How would you want to be treated if you were in there shoes? Loved or feared?

  17. Some people out there think it is better to be feared than loved. If you were to be feared and not loved then people would be scared of you and not want to talk to you. People wouldn't want to be in the same room as someone they fear, they will walk out immediately. The good thing about being feared is that you wouldn't have to talk to people because they would try to avoid you. If people fear you then they will do anything you ask them to, but sometimes they will make up an excuse to not do what you tell them cause they're scared they'll mess up. Being feared would make you feel like a top person, you have everyone scared of you and they would all be at your feet doing whatever you say.

  18. Being feared than loved could be better for some people. One reason being because they are in control over everyone. The people around them are scared so therefore they do as that person wishes. So if you are feared you will forever get your way. No matter what, someone in this world has fear of you, someone will always be scared of you. It is your choice to take advantage of that power or not. Staying feared could be hard, cause you must always stay hard core. Must never crack into a smile.

    Now being loved than feared could be better in some reasons. One being, everybody loves you so you might have lots of control there. Rather its for your cute smile or something like that. Whatever you do people can’t be rude or hate you, cause you’re just so loved. If you are loved nothing bad could happen to you because nobody would want anything bad to happen to you. Nobody could hate you, because someone would tell them how great of person you are. But with being loved you must stayed loved, so you must try to stay at the top at all times.

    I believe it would be better to be loved. I’d rather not have people fear me. If they loved me, who could hate me? Being loved, is an advantage. Because when you die somebody will cry and dance around that you gone. I’d rather have them smile at me then shake cause I’m in the same room. Being loved is always better.

  19. Alright, I’m sure you know all I talk about is God so that is who I am going to speak about in this assignment. I think it is better to be feared than loved because with God fearing Him is one of the main things about Him because as we come to know Him more and more through God’s word we begin to fear Him because of the powers he has. Also because of the things God has revealed and done in His word. Like how we destroyed this city for their disobedience towards Him. It says in His word that you serve the Lord with fear, and rejoice with trembling. He is a mighty one words can’t explain Him, truly He can do what He wants, people truly do fear God and I do as well, and I find great joy in that because I know that there is someone in a much higher position than every single person on this planet that loves me and will take care of me in every single position or obstacle that I face in this life while I'm on earth.

    Why I think it is better to loved than feared, well with God I think it is better to love him, a intimate love it’s not the kind of intimate that use with each other as human beings I’m talking about a overwhelming love that no one can reach because there is a deeper root to love than we think that humans can only reach so far to that root of love. God reaches that root of love and because of that people do love Him because He blesses people, He gives them joy it says in his word the joy of the Lord be my strength. Now by that by loving God you can receive these things, you can receive motivation to do things that you never would have done before. He wants us to love Him because He loved us first because when we were still sinners he loved us and the awesome thing about Him is we can do nothing less and nothing more for Him to love more or less because His love is unconditional. God’s love is a love that you will never experience from anyone on this earth, it is SO ALIVE and REAL. Crazy if you think about it He knows our hearts better than we do. He teaches us to truly treat people with love, and how to treat people the way we want to be treated but better! One thing for sure, God wants to be there for you He wants us in His arms every second so He can show us his truly deeply love that He has for us.

    Honestly, to me they are equal because I love God and I fear Him, it matches in both areas that the cool thing because who else in power do you fear and love at the same time? Thats right, no one. Because God is Loved and Feared we love Him because He is everything that we need He gives us our needs, He gives us peace, joy, love all in one. Also it even says in His word that those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength! Who wouldn't want that? I mean its what people search for everyday! Most of all I agree that Fearing God and Loving God is seriously the best thing as humans that we can do because its more fulfilling and more meaningful. Trust me.

  20. It is better to be feared than loved because when people fear you then less laws will be broken and they are scared of what you might to to them if they break the law. Another reason why it is better to be feared than loved is because if they fear you they will obey you and possibly respect you instead of disrespecting you and doing whatever they want. If I had a ruler that was loved and that didn’t scare me I would probably break laws but if I had a ruler that I feared I would respect and obey them so I wouldn’t get punished.
    It is better to be loved than feared because when people love you they would do anything for you. They would do things for you, respect you, and even protect you. If I had a ruler who I loved I would do anything to stay on the rulers good side. It would be easier to break laws though because if a person is loved then they would do anything to keep your love.
    I would rather be loved than feared because when people love you they would sacrifice anything for you. They would make sure they did anything for you so they don’t lose their friendship with you. I would make sure that they proved their love for me by showing me that they truly care for me. If i was a citizen of a place where I loved my ruler I would prove my love and do anything to show them that I care.

  21. Is it better to be feared or loved?
    If you have a teacher that you fear, you will work harder for that teacher. If you fear your teacher because they are hard on you, in the long run you will work harder for that teacher because they will push you to do your best. Its better to work to your highest ability than to get away with simple work that you didn’t even try on. You will learn better with a feared teacher because they won’t let you slack.
    If you have a teacher that you love, then most of the time they don't push you to do your best. If you don't do your best, then you won't survive in the real world. Having a loved teacher will be softer on you. They won’t push you to your highest ability. They will just accept what looks right, instead of completely checking it over.
    Personally, i would rather have a feared teacher then one that i love. I like to be pushed to do my best, then feel proud of what i did. Instead of not trying my best and knowing it will be right because it looks right. I like to feel confident, rather that not care. I work harder for teachers i fear, then teachers that i love.

  22. When Machiavelli said “it’s safer to be feared than love because love is preserved by the link of obligation which, owing to the baseness (lack of character) of men, is broken at every opportunity for their advantage; but fear preserves you by a dread of punishment which never fails” which was intended for political leaders. Some people say it is better to be feared than loved because fear is more powerful than love. A place you would work at would be a perfect example of if you were feared as if you’re the big boss and there has to be cuts because a business isn’t financially working you have the power to fire someone so people are going to fear you because of their possible job loss.
    Being loved instead of fears has good along with bad in many ways. If you’re loved by your community but not feared there are always people that will want to take your power. People would respect you and feel more compassionate about all your decisions you’re making but people won’t honestly be scared of you. Everybody in the town can love you but there will be that one person that will feel neutral about you or may think that they can run the city better than you so they will try to kill you and take your place.
    I believe that it is better to be loved than feared because when you’re nice to people, your odds are that they’re going to be nice back. There are times where force is needed, such as when you’re a parent. In those instances however, the objective is to apply discipline rather than to make your child fear you. In my opinion, when you’re loved it is much easier to be close to people and get to know them rather than making them fear you. I believe that it’s true being feared might work for a while, but eventually people begin to see through it. All it pretty much is, is a false front. People don’t like when you’re not honest to them.

  23. Choosing between being loved, or feared, many would choose to be feared. I know in our society people believe that having a power over other people is what makes them feel complete or accepted. They feel that if people fear them, no one can hurt them. They believe that if people are afraid of them, they are on top. I put this into any kind of perspective and still believe many people would rather be feared than loved. People are too afraid to get hurt by someone who they do love, or by someone who claims to love them. Or in another perspective, say our president would prefer to be feared because he doesn’t want to seem weak to his peers here in the US or in other countries. They want to be intimidating. So those people eventually put up a wall and that is when they become fearful.
    On the other hand, I know that people do believe being loved is the best feeling in the world. Who wouldn’t want that? Who wouldn’t want permanent, unconditional love from everyone who means something to you? The feeling of being loved is something that nothing can replace. Being loved by your teachers or friends or family, no matter who it is it feels great to mean so much to someone. It makes you feel accepted and better than ever. The love from others is irreplaceable. Others loving us makes us love ourselves so much more and self confidence is what makes us different. It’s what makes us, us.
    I will never doubt that being loved has no competition with being feared. Being loved and KNOWING that I AM LOVED is what keeps me strong and keeps me going. My happiness is caused by the loved I receive. I need that. No matter how many people do love you, if it’s only one single person who has always been there and is the only one you have left, or if it is a bunch of people, it makes a huge difference. Love is definitely needed to survive my life and continue on living.

  24. To be feared is very pointless, if your people fear you then they most likely will hate you. Why would you want to be hated? Its a very difficult job actually. Its not very easy to keep that kind of power. If you look back in history a lot of the leaders that were feared had ended up kicked out of power or ended up ending their life. Being feared is just an absolute waste of time.
    When leading a country or a community and you are loved and actually love doing your job then it makes your ruling that much easier. Being loved comes with a lot more respect and self respect. Your people will love you and do anything for you, and not because you ask them to but only because they are getting treated nice and they want to give you the same respect you give them. Being loved comes with a lot more benefits, and a lot more loyalty.
    Overall i would rather be loved than feared. Only because being feared is a lot more work than being loved. Its like i would want my people to know the real me instead of having to keep up with who to scare now. Being loved wins all the time, just like in the movies and books the good guys win and the bad guys get nowhere.

  25. being feared is better then being loved, because everyone has their diffrent openions so no matter what there are going to be people that are going to want to start conflicts over things you see are right. being feared could be a good thing or a bad thing, people may leave you alone or they might run you out with a ryet. plus if you are feared who is going to tell you no on what you can do or not.

    loved, being loved would be good as well because many people would wareship you and do other things to show they respect you. lots of rulers like to be loved because there people show them love in return. also by being a loved ruler you are able to speek with in your people.

    i think being a feared ruler would be the choice of mine. i pick this choice because the world is against you as your singled out. why not take advantage of that and sore high with the options you have then worry about others and lower your limits everyday. thats why i think being a feared leader would be better then loved.

  26. Some people believe that its better to be feared than loved. Some people think its better to be a feared ruler so that there is more order. If the people fear their ruler, there won't be any back talk or mess ups. People would get stuff done with no questions and everything would be strict.`

    Some people believe that it better to be loved than feared . People believe that it is better to be loved than feared because putting fear in someone isn't going to make them like or respect you. People would probably rather vote for someone that isn't going to make them do something they don't want to. Someone who is strong,determined and focused rather than someone who is only their for themselves and is rude and selfish.

    I would rather be loved than feared if i was in power. I would rather be loved because people who fear you, aren't going to like you and are going to try and avoid you as much as possible and you aren't going to be a very good ruler if no one likes you. being loved means people respect you for who you are and what you are doing for them. If you're a mean, controlling, bad leader , your people aren't going to respect you as to if you are a kind nice leader that cares and does not treat them like animals.

  27. Is it better to be feared or loved? I think it is better to be feared, because along with fear comes love. I feel like if someone fears you, they probably love you also, because if they are scared or you or fear you, they will listen to you, do what you say, not lie and cheat and do bad things to you because they are scared of you or fear you.

    Would you rather be loved or feared? i would rather be loved, bcause with love anything is possible. If someone loves you, then they care about you, they will do anything for you, they will help you when your failing, pick you up after youve fallen down. They will be there to see you succeed. They will do whatever they can to stay by your side. If they fear you, they will listen to what you say and do what you tell them. But that has nothing to do with staying by your side and loving you and being there through thick and thin.

    I deffiantley think its better to be loved than feared, but I also think i would rather be feared. Iwould rather have someone fear me and do what i say and listen tp me and all that, then have someone say they love me, do things for me and act like they will be there forever,when in reality, they wont. They wont stick around forever, no one ever does. Everyone always says how their always here and arent going anywhere, but when it comes down to it and you really need it, no one will be there. No one will stick around unless they get something out of it.